Nobody Receives My Emails: Follow These Steps

There are 3 reasons for newsletters and/or confirmation emails not arriving in an inbox:

  1. Your newsletter gets blocked.
  2. Your newsletter is labelled as spam
  3. MailPoet doesn’t send

To determine which of the 3 reasons, follow these steps below. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes.

If you’re sending with an SMTP server, you need to contact your SMTP service directly. You don’t need to try this!

1. Make sure that you’re sending from an authorized Sender address

For instance if I’m sending emails from the website, I will want to send my emails as

If you send emails from you’ll want to send with an address such as

Settings ‹ Wysija — WordPress - Mozilla Firefox 2014-01-12 23.56.34

If your sending method is gmail, then you won’t be able to specify a sender address, it will be forced as the gmail account you have configured.

2. Send with “Your own website”

Make sure that your sending method is “Your own website” in Settings, as in the screenshot below:

3. Test it to see if PHP Mail works

On the same settings page, you should see these buttons. Click on them.

If it doesn’t work, jump to step 5.

4. Send a preview of your newsletter

Send a preview to a Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and/or any other email accounts you own. The more the better.

5. Verify the inbox and the spam box of each of your accounts

If you’ve received the previews in your inbox, perfect.


A. If your previews are in the spam box, your host’s server or your own domain might have a bad reputation. Or, your email might have too many spammy words.

B. If you haven’t received any emails, it means you are blocked by the recipients’ server altogether. Your host’s has certainly been blacklisted.

6. Verify that WordPress can send emails

It is possible that even WordPress can’t send emails. Here’s a little trick to find this out in 2 minutes.

7. Verify your spam score

Maybe your emails are being blocked, which is more common than falling in the spam folder, unfortunately.

Send a preview of your newsletter using our own tool, :

  1. Go to step 2 of your newsletter creation process.
  2. Open mail-tester in a new tab/window
  3. Copy the address given in mail-tester
  4. Back to your step 2 of MailPoet, send a preview to the address you just copied
  5. Return to mail-tester and click on “Then check your score”

The two important elements to verify:

  1. did you give explicit permission to your host to send emails on behalf of your domain name? This is called an SPF record. Read more in
  2. is your host blacklisted? If so, send with our recommended Email Service Provider and not your own host.

8. Try sending with Gmail

In Settings > Sending Method, pick Gmail.

Click on the button “Send a test mail” to test that it works.

Some hosting companies block the port that Gmail uses. We have an article on that.

If it works, send a preview as show in step 3, above. Follow directly with step 4.

9. Recommended further reading

Read the 6 golden rules to avoid being labeled a spammer which will give you good hints.