We Recommend Using an SMTP Provider, Here’s Why

We highly encourage our users to use a third party email service provider because:

  1. They are specialized in sending newsletters
  2. Increase your deliverability rate dramatically
  3. Avoid being labeled “spam” or blocked completely (quite common)
  4. You have no daily limits set by your host
  5. Avoid headaches in setting your in house mail server
Your host’s SMTP is used for your email addresses, and not necessarily for sending newsletter.¬†

1. Which Email Service Provider?

We’ve negotiated the following deals to encourage our users to switch (only with the following URLs):

No additional plugin is required, so you don’t need these ones: ElasticEmail Plugin, or WP SendGrid, etc…

Disclaimer: the links above are affiliate. Other SMTP providers are available, such as Amazon SES and Mandrill.

What to consider additionally:

  1. Email providers will ask you 3 things before you can send with them. These tasks take time.
  2. network latency: don’t count on over 900 emails per 15 minutes. We recommend 500 emails per batch, just to be safe. Read more on speed.

2. Using your own SMTP: not recommended

What’s SMTP ? It’s ok not to understand. You should start by reading the Wikipedia article.

So, you don’t want to pay for a professional SMTP service, but you still want to use the SMTP? We don’t recommend it.

The limit of emails sent per hour or day is determined by your host. It can be quite limited.

But I’m on a dedicated server!

Even then you should send using “Your own server”, or PHP Mail, instead of SMTP.

You will be able to send faster, as you can reach up to 400 emails per minute if your setup is optimal.

Just plug PHP Mail to your mail server, like Postfix, iRedMail, etc. and the deal is done.

You’ll have to consider that you’re not white listed by the big spam filters and that sending can consume your server’s resources.

That’s why we’ll always recommend professional SMTP providers.