Design your Confirmation Pages for Subscribe and Unsubscribe

This information is only useful for Wysija/MailPoet versions below 2.6.1

MailPoet adds a custom post on your site that is used to show the subscription confirmation page and the unsubscribe page.

In it looks like this:

This page isn’t visible in your Admin and it cannot be redesigned there. Why? There is a technical reason, and the geeky crowd will understand: creating an option panel for a single custom post type would be an overkill for most of our users. We try hard to keep things simple.

Step 1: change the contents in Settings

Change your subscription confirmation text in Settings > Subscription Activation Email

Change your unsubscribe message in Settings > Advanced

Step 2: change the design with CSS

If you are familiar with HTML and CSS, you can easily customize these pages.

You might want to hide the date, the author and the comments, for example.

Below are sample generic styles that you can insert in your theme’s style.css that work on most themes to put the title and the content in aqua color:

.single-wysijap h1, .single-wysijap h2 {
color: aqua !important;

.single-wysijap p, .single-wysijap .entry, .single-wysijap .content-entry {
color: aqua !important;

/* To hide the date and comments */:
.single-wysijap .postmeta { display:none; }

Alternate: create a new page

Use a new single page template to change the confirmation messages entirely. Follow these instructions:

  1. Locate your theme’s folder on your computer
  2. Duplicate the file single.php or page.php. The latter usually doesn’t show author, comments, etc.
  3. Rename it single-wysijap.php
  4. Modify the code as you wish. For example, find the line for the author and remove it.
  5. To change the styles, add your new CSS classes to style.css of your theme
  6. Upload single-wysijap.php to your theme’s folder online using FTP, or other method
  7. In MailPoet > Settings > Advanced you can preview the unsubscribe page by clicking on the link “confirmation page

There is a parameter allowing us to determine which page is being called. The snippet below should be placed in the file single-wysijap.php.

if($_REQUEST['action'] == 'subscribe'){ //subscribe page
// Design for subscribe goes here
} elseif($_REQUEST['action'] == 'unsubscribe'){ // unsubscribe page
// Design for unsubscribe goes here
} elseif ($_REQUEST['action'] == 'subscriptions'){ // edit profile
// Design for edit profile goes here